3 More Hours A Day

How to Gain More Hours in Your Day Without the Pain of Stressing Over Not Having Enough Time

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What would you do with 3 more hours in your day?...

Come join us for this transformational 30-day course where we walk you through step-by-step exactly how to add a minimum of 3 hours every single day so you have more joy, peace of mind, and success.

Stop Wasting Valuable Time when you could be freeing up hours of your day to spend with loved ones and doing the things that mean the most to you.

Typically American's are working 8.8 hours each day; we're burning the candle at both ends. This is causing stress to go up, it's ruining our health, our lives, and the fulfillment levels are plummeting.

It's Not Your Fault... and There's a Better Way

Most people just haven't learned some of the simple strategies that can free up hours in your day and help you focus on becoming more efficient and more productive in everything you do.

With all these modern day distractions it's getting harder and harder to fight that.But there is an easier way. There is a specific system that once you implement can free up 3 more hours in each day without feeling like you're losing anything.

Introducing the 3 More Hours a Day 30-Day Course

What You Get:

  • 3 Live Training Calls, beginning on May 8, 2019 @ 2pm Pacific
  • 3 More Hours Planning Guide
  • The Perfect Year Plan
  • Journey to Your Highest Self Visualization Process
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Here's a sample of what you'll learn during this course:

  • How to eliminate the time bandits that waste your day and drain your energy
  • The top 7 things you can do right away to add more free time in your day, every day
  • The 3 MOST important things you MUST do each night, and each morning, to free up more time (It's so easy to do, you won't even think twice about it after the first day)
  • The BIG secret to learn how to better manage your time without it feeling like a should-do or a burden
  • Why traditional to-do lists don't work... and what's been discovered to be THE best way to get your tasks done daily
  • The #1 thing that holds most people back from following through... and the simple trick to overcoming it
  • How to quickly and easily identify your top goal, your vision and your dream in a way that's fun, exciting and takes less than 10 minutes

Whether you are an entrepreneur, executive, parent, or artist, creating 3 more hours a day in your hectic schedule could transform your life.

Like many of you, one of the bigger issues my clients’ face is the desire to create more time in their day. Sound familiar?

But more time allows you to do the things you want to focus on like:

      • income-producing activities
      • quality time with loved ones
      • quiet time to read a good book

No longer get caught up in your jam-packed day filled with deadlines, distractions and obligations, feeling too unsatisfied, overwhelmed, or overworked to hang out with friends, cook a healthy meal, exercise, or be present with your children or partner.

3 More Hours A Day will guide you into endless possibilities through a combination of live classes, powerful videos, instructional downloads and more. You will get the tools and support you need to create more time to do what you like.

So, if you're ready to free up time to get in shape, organize your home, socialize with friends, or just relax in meditation… sign up now for 3 More Hours A Day!!


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