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If you want to completely transform your business, and your life, all you need to do is make a few 15-degree shifts. You CAN elevate your business, generate more clients, and increase revenue, and have a life you love.

You CAN do this.

"Phyliss is a coach who can hold an extraordinary space for visionaries and creatives to help ground their ideas and visions. As a self-described visionary creative, I find talking about my next steps and big dreams with Phyliss makes them real and doable. She listens from a deep place that allows me to talk out my ideas and form them into a powerful, actionable vision.

In her presence, I came to a clarity that I could never find on my own. She listens like nobody I've ever met. She never ever makes it about her. She holds from a strong buy humble place and never allows herself to get caught up in my stories. Most people get enrolled with me and lose their grounding and then lose their ability to help me. Phyliss holds her ground, and asks powerful, wonderful questions."

Jesse Gros, Life Coach, Adventurer and Healer

Have you tried courses before that have left you lost?

Going in the wrong direction?

Not feeling motivated to continue?

This program is not like that.

No more hands-off courses.
I am with you every step of the way, and your group is with you at every turn; will not be alone on this journey. You'll receive 2 training sessions, and a private session each month, along with added bonuses.

No more tired techniques.
In this program, I attack your woes from an entirely new angle. This isn't information you can receive in just any course, freebie or blog post. This is my 20+ years of experience as a successful, certified life and business coach packaged in a course to help YOU transform your business.

You've set up your click funnel. You've got a website. An opt-in page.
Where are your clients?
Why aren't you seeing your HARD WORK reflected in your pocket?

There's something the courses you've already tried aren't telling you.

There's more to the problem.

There are some 15-degree shifts that you need to make
before you can achieve your goals.

Here's what the Awakening Lives Mastermind
12-month program will provide you:

Burden Busters:

  • Understand specific stressors and issues that weigh down female entrepreneurs, and get effective tools on how to bust through them
  • Dive deep into exploring how your life experiences have shaped your mindset around success, finances, selling, boundaries, and more
  • Break free of any emotional, spiritual or mental blocks that might be getting in the way of your success

Practical Business Strategy:

  • Implement a successful Business Strategy that leverages your products and services
  • Clarify the problem that you solve and implement the principles to effective marketing
  • Understand the power of positioning yourself as an influential leader and implement essential steps to becoming a powerhouse in your field

Strategic Financial Plan:

  • Get tangible support with implementing a financial plan that cuts through your business expenses and increases revenue
  • Put financial structures in place that get your financial house in order, and supports you personally and professionally
  • Create a financial vision that is exciting and compels you into strategic action

Savvy Sales Systems:

  • Learn the 'Do's & Don'ts' to selling and how to compel potential clients to take immediate action.
  • Get tools to speak clearly, confidently and effectively about your products and services and effective positioning
  • Discover where to find your clients and get the blueprint for strategic networking so that you can easily generate new clients and grow your bottom line
  • Learn how to implement a Customer Relationship Management system that grows your client base, while increasing your sales conversation
Yes, I Am Ready To Transform My Business!

"In working with Phyliss Francis,  I have truly become more accountable to my own word and have moved forward with finally starting my own business. I have stopped talking about it and am now doing it! Through my weekly coaching calls, I have begun to experience a deeper sense of balance in my life. Finally taking action on all those things I have always said I wanted to do is so liberating. Thanks Phyliss!"

Jesse Weisman, Adara Coaching

When you start implementing this system, you'll be amazed at the ways it can transform the rest of your life. Those mental blocks we bust down will teach you to break down barriers outside of business.

Understanding how to position yourself as the expert you are will create an abundance of confidence that you didn't know you had.

Clarifying your financial strategy will equip you with the knowledge you need to regain control over your personal expenses.

Learning how to effectively sell your services will empower you to demand your worth in all that you do.

I've been a coach for the last 20 years, and I've found that there are always underlying blocks when an entrepreneur is struggling to grow their business. You can have the best website out there, the most successful marketing team available, the greatest product ever, and still not see the results you want.

I love to dig deep and chip away at those problems.

Often, you just need to make a 15-degree shift
to continue in the right direction.

"Working with Phyliss Francis has given me the clarity in my work relationships and helped me become a more effective and efficient manager. She listens without judgment and serves as a sounding board and a guide to help me keep my professional life the way I want it - which is peaceful and balanced, as opposed to, hectic and stressed.

Dr. Nina Withrington, PT, DPT, Clinical Project Manager, Santa Monica, CA

Are you tired of being the 'world's best-kept secret'?

Get comprehensive, step-by-step support
with transforming your business.

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Here's what the Awakening Lives Mastermind
12-month program includes:

Monthly Training Calls:

  • (2) 90-min group training calls each month that are application focused, experiential and mindset shifting
  • Each call is comprehensive and will cover various aspects of transforming you and your business in marketing, sales, positioning, vision, leadership, but also shift soft skills, such as mindset, emotional and spiritual areas

Private VIP Coaching Sessions:

  • Monthly 30-min call that meets you where you are at and supports you with making personalized quantum leaps in your business
  • These individual calls are geared towards creating transformative breakthroughs so that you can get exactly what you need to move to the next level

Virtual Retreat

  • Two intensive, virtual retreats that will assist you with business visioning, practical training, role playing, and experiential exercises for skilling up and transforming your business and life.

Support Forum

  • Join our private, confidential, community forum that will support you 24/7.
  • This private space will allow you, your colleagues and team to get assistance from each other, celebrate WINs, receive acknowledgement, training tools, and more throughout the program

Tips, Tricks & Strategies

  • Receive tons of support with creating a shift in your business with templates, scripts, and plans to uplevel your business acumen, expand your vision, strategize finances, clarify marketing, and savvy sales
I want to transform my business!

"Phyliss' professionalism and expertise resulted in interactive and meaningful retreat programming that promoted socialization, team building, and leadership and encouraged program ownership, personal responsibility, integrity, and commitment. While planning and facilitating our 3-day retreat for the TAPP Program at UC Berkeley, Phyliss Francis was extremely organized and focused which made the process manageable and effective. Phyliss's professionalism and expertise resulted in interactive and meaningful retreat programming that promoted socialization, team building, and leadership and encouraged program ownership, personal responsibility, integrity, and commitment. Since the retreat, I have not only received positive feedback from students through evaluations and informal conversations, but I've seen the impact it has had on the cohesiveness of the program and peer support network."

Daniela Boykin, TAAP Program Direction, UC Berkeley

"Through coaching, I was able to make life work for me and go from working for others, to owning my own company. Working with Phyliss Francis has allowed me to see the full potential in my life. Coaching allows me to not only visualize my successes, but to have the tools and the environment to take them with me on the path to realizing my dreams. I can honestly say that Phyliss has dramatically changed my life! If you are ready to challenge your own life, there is no one that can help you meet that challenge like Phyliss."

Julie Pitois, Owner, PRO-TO-COL Sport Systems, San Diego, CA

I'm ready to make a 15-degree shift!