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December 4, 2019

Happy New Year!

As we close out not only 2019, but the last decade, I bet many of you are reviewing the last 10 years. We’ve had ups and downs, and maybe
some of us went sideways! (You know who you are!! LOL)

But now we can start fresh and declare what we want to create and manifest in the next 12 months. Did you set New Year’s Resolutions for 2020?
I bet you’re excited about what 2020 will bring. Maybe you want to make more money, lose more weight, get more clients…

But you know what’s interesting? 

No matter how excited or how incredibly determined we feel about how this year – that it’s going to be different this time – the honest truth is
that most of you will FAIL.

Do you know why?

You don’t have a plan or accountability.

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When you make a firm decision that you’ll quit something cold turkey, or jump right into a realllly difficult habit (like exercising frequently)
without easing in… you’re not implementing a plan or having people around you to keep you accountable.

The plan is “I will do this without fail for 365 days, even though, historically, I have not been one to do these things.”

I get it. You’re excited. You want to look back at 2020 and see that you did allll the things you said you would. You exercised 5 times a week.
You did the dishes every day. You signed new clients every month.

Still, most of us will drop off and revert back to our old routines in a couple of weeks (some of us might last a little longer). It’s just human nature

– it takes time to build a new lifestyle.

As a professional coach, I have seen it time and time again… people starting something, then falling off, but it’s not their fault. We are creatures
of habit and we easily get distracted, especially nowadays! The internet is one giant distraction.

We, as a modern society, have become a little lazy. With the convenience of the internet we can shop, exercise, work, learn, socialize, and have
relationships through our computers. We don’t even have to leave the house anymore!

But, what if you want to change that? If you want to make real progress towards your goals? You need a strategy. You need some form of accountability
put in place. You need a concrete PLAN to keep you moving towards your vision.

So when it comes time to decide to make a huge shift in your life, unlearn bad habits that you’ve spent a lifetime learning… understand that it’s REALLY
DIFFICULT to do so without consistent support and course correction.

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So… the next time you make a goal: have fun. Go wild. Make some amazing declarations about the extraordinary life you deserve to live. Make more
money. Grow your business. Get healthy.

But, don’t stop there! Remember to do the rest, which is:

1) Create a plan of action that lays out the action steps you need to take to get there.

2) Implement an accountability system that tracks, supports and encourages forward movement.

If you don’t somewhere along the line, you’ll start to fall off track and revert back to the easy path, a.k.a the same old bad habits.

Some signs your “motivation” is disappearing:

1) Your commitment to your vision will start to wane – but it’s okay, because there’s always an excuse why today isn’t a good day…

2) You start to procrastinate and put it off until tomorrow.

3) The goals you were once so excited about feel, once again, like A CHORE.

Don’t feel bad, because we’ve all been there, but let’s do something different this year!!!

Yearly goals and milestones have been an important fixture in my life for a LONG time!! Because of that, I’ve created many programs and free guides
focused on helping you get CLEAR with your goals, define your DIRECTION, and SUPPORT you through the process of changing your life and
launching your business to success.

Book a free discovery call with me here to can discuss how I can help you reach your goals + grow your biz!!!

Special bonus to help you set new intentions for 2020, a worksheet, Things to Celebrate Doing, click here to download.



Phyliss Francis, MA, CLC, PCC Business Coach, Strategist & Speaker

For 22 years, Phyliss has been coaching and facilitating motivational and educational programs for entrepreneurs, executives and visionaries. She has extensive experience
in the areas of business, personal growth and spirituality.

Phyliss helps entrepreneurs find where they are leaving money on the table through her Profit Mapping System, and assists with maximizing revenue by streamlining systems,
and restructuring packaging, marketing and sales. Phyliss is a faculty member of two International Coach Federation (ICF)-accredited coach training programs, and a
Professional Life Coach.

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