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March 28, 2019
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Too many ‘to-dos’? Check this out…

This past week, I was in North Carolina for a business mastermind meeting and then I headed straight to Mammoth for a weekend, family ski trip.

I literally had several things to do before stepping on that plane, including coordinating my business strategy for the week, managing my daughter’s school and home schedule; and ensuring my family had everything needed for the snow. I know that I would not have a lot of downtime to get stuff complete while away and didn’t want to carry the stress of wondering.

Have you ever felt stretched for time and energy?

Using the downloadable worksheet, start with a brain dump to help break free of recycling activities to complete in your mind. Write down all your “to-do” items swirling in your head – including shopping trips/list, follow-up items and undelivered communications or conversations. Chunk down any items that seem overwhelming, like “declutter office” and break down into smaller chunks such as, “clear out 2 boxes of stuff each day”, or “spend at least 30-minutes a day releasing items”. Put a “D” next to the items that can be delegated and assign them. Prioritize the levels of importance and commit to completing the top 3 items each day, (do more if you can).

I hope this tool helps you gain more time in your busy day and do what you love!!


P.S. Click here to watch my video on 3 tips to maximize your time in the morning and download your FREE tool that will help you create your Intentional Goals, organize and track action steps toward them!

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