How Your Inner Reality Impacts the World Around You | Phyliss Francis
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October 3, 2019
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December 4, 2019

Your outer reality is an experience of what’s going on in and around you.
They way you show up and present yourself has a tremendous impact on your attitude,
your mood, and the effect you have on the world.

As a leader, a teacher, a wife, and a mother, the difference that my mindset makes is night and day.
How I show up is everything.

Have you ever noticed that people are a lot nicer
to you when you’re nicer to them?

When you walk around with a smile on your face, people around you are going to respond positively.
When you feel empowered, you know your worth. You know that you can change your life and make a difference.

You might find your good days keep getting better. That barista was really nice to you.
Someone cut you in line at the store, but you didn’t let it bother you. Traffic really wasn’t that bad.

When you know these things, you’re creating an inner reality that will start to manifest on the outside.
This shift will become apparent, and people will want to be a part of that.

And does the world seem a little harsher when
you’re in a negative mindset?

When we’re living by this frame of reference that the world is against us and we can’t do anything to change it,
that’s really disempowering. If this is what’s going on in your mind, of course it’s what you see in the world around you.

If the world around you seems a little darker, try looking inward. If this is what’s happening in the world around you,
how does it reflect what’s happening inside of you?

You CAN change your inner reality and
improve your outer reality.

Change starts when you shift your perspective, come from a positive mindset, and look at where you can empower yourself.
Look at yourself as someone who CAN create the life, business, and world you want and deserve, not a victim of your circumstances.

If you’re noticing that your inner world isn’t what you want it to be, you need to ask yourself a couple of questions.
Where can you make a change? Where can you uplift your consciousness? Where can you shift your mind?

If you’re focusing on the negative in the world, what’s not working in your life, and where things are going wrong,
that’s all you’re going to see. You’re going to see all of these things that aren’t working until you make that shift.
Then you can start asking yourself…

What IS working? Where can you empower yourself?
Where can you take your natural gifts and talents and really utilize them?
Where do you need to direct your energy?

These things don’t impact only your mood, but how people relate to you.
It has an impact on your vibrations and your presence in the world.

Where can you make a shift today?

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